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There is a CPAP Mask offered by us which is the interface between the sleep apnea patient and the CPAP machine, and there are many types of sleep apnea masks to choose from. Most sleep apnea masks are made of plastic, silicone, or gel-like materials. Some are made of fabric and other hybrid materials. CPAP machines treat sleep apnea by delivering a stream of oxygenated air into the airways through a mask and a tube. The mask is how pressurized air is delivered to the airway of a person undergoing CPAP therapy. CPAP Mask is very useful and safe.

Silicon Nasal Mask

Backed by a team of experts, we have been a renowned supplier of Silicon Nasal Mask in the market. This mask is intended to be used for patients who have been prescribed CPAP or VPAP therapy and is under the specific direction of a physician. Silicon Nasal Mask is used in conjunction with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP/VPAP) devices in home, hospital and Institutional environments.


CPAP Nasal Mask

We have been a reputed supplier of CPAP Nasal Mask in the market. It is designed to cover the nose and mouth to supply the required air pressure. CPAP Nasal Mask is useful for people who breathe through their mouths. Also, patients who have nasal obstruction or congestion find this mask useful.