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ECG Machine And Cable

The ECG Machine And Cable is offered by us that is a medical instrument used for detecting and diagnosing common heart abnormalities by measuring heartbeat triggering electric potentials on the body surface and recording electrical currents associated with activity of a heart muscle. ECG machine is designed to monitor the electrical activity of the heart and display it in the form of a moving line of peaks and valleys. The ECG Machine And Cable is made for use in the various places. ECG cables are a specific kind of cable that is mostly used for medical purposes.

Ecg600g 6 Channel Ecg Machine

A ECG600G 6 Channel ECG Machine prints 6 waveform in one go. So its paper width is wide as compare to 3 channels ECG Machine. So the print format of 6 channels ECG Machine would be 6x2. 6 channel ECG Machine report length is comparatively less because page width is large. In a 6 channel ECG Machine, 6 waveforms are printed simultaneously, so 12 waveforms can be printed in just 2 slots of the paper. ECG600G 6 Channel ECG Machine is very effective. 


Digital 3 Channel ECG Machine

ECG300G 3 Channel ECG Machine

ECG1200G (Twelve Channel ECG Machine)

We are a noteworthy supplier of ECG1200G 12 Channel ECG Machine in the market. It features in, recording and displaying ECG waveform in AUTO manual mode, multi-language interface, prompting for Lead off and Lack of paper, measuring and diagnosing ECG waveform parameters automatically, AC/DC selecting rhythm lead, printing the trend chart and histogram of P-R interval case database and so on. ECG1200G 12 Channel ECG Machine is available in a safe packaging


ECG Cable

We are one of the leading suppliers of ECG Cable in the market. It provides connection between patient applied electrodes and several telemetry and bedside monitoring units allowing for non-invasive monitoring of electrical impulses generated by the heart over a period of time resulting in an electrocardiogram. ECG Cable is thoroughly checked on different parameters before dispatching.