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Fetal Monitor

A Fetal Monitor measures the rate and rhythm of a fetuss heart. Doctors may recommend fetal heart rate monitoring during late pregnancy or labor to monitor the fetuss health. Fetal monitoring is when the healthcare practitioner and nurse keep tabs on the baby's heart rate during labor. Doctors usually perform fetal monitoring during labor and delivery, but may also need to do it during late pregnancy. There are two types of fetal monitoring: Auscultation involves periodically checking the babys heart rate. It uses a stethoscope or Doppler transducer to listen to the heart rate. Fetal Monitor is very useful.

CMS800G-G1 Fetal Heart Monitor

CMS800GI Fetal Monitor

CMS800G Fetal Monitor is the one that can acquire fetal heart rate, maternal uterine contraction when pregnancies over 28 weeks to provide reference data for clinical use. It can be used individually or connected with PC through RJ45 Interface for the purpose of central monitoring. CMS800G Fetal Monitor can be availed from us at cost- effective prices.


CMS800G Fetal Monitor

Cms800G-G1 Fetal Monitor